Oil Tank Abandonment

Innov8tive Environmental Services Inc. (IES) will clean, evaluate, and fill your oil tank according to NYS code and safety standards to ensure that your property is not damaged.

Abandoning an oil tank and leaving it unused is never recommended due to the possibility of environmental damage to your property, which can potentially cost you more money.

Before discussing tank abandonment services, it is worth noting that there are some municipalities in Westchester County that do not allow tank abandonments. If your property is in one of these zones, IES specialists will carefully evaluate the location of your tank to determine the best course of action.

If it has been determined that your oil tank is not required to be removed, the following steps will be taken to safely and efficiently fill your tank to prevent future leakage and possible contamination:

  • IES excavates to the depth of your underground oil tank until there is clear access to the top of the tank.
  • A large opening is then carefully cut in the top of the tank allowing a vacuum hose to be easily inserted to remove remaining fuel and sludge.
  • IES specialists thoroughly clean the inside of the tank by hand, to ensure that there is no remaining oil (adhering to the NYDEC regulations).
  • IES specialists carefully inspect the tank for cracks, holes, and damage.
  • A hole is then strategically cut in the bottom of the tank and trained specialists test a sample of the soil to ensure that there isn’t any oil contamination.
  • The tank is then completely filled with an inert material, such as sand or K-Crete.
  • Once the tank is completely sealed with filler, the area is restored to its original condition.
  • Last, but not least, IES ensures that all required paperwork is filed with the appropriate municipal offices, and the customer is issued an official certificate of completion.